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Printing Glossary – Terms starting with E

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Electronic Front End (Electronic Composition)

General term referring to a prepress system based on computers

Electronic Image Assembly

Assembly of a composite image from portions of other images and/or other page elements using a computer

Electronic Mechanical

Mechanical exclusively in electronic files

Electronic Proof

A process of generating a prepress proof in which paper is electronically exposed to the color separation negatives and passed through electrically charged pigmented toners, which adhere electrostatically, resulting in the finished proof.

Electronic Publishing

(1) Publishing by printing with device, such as a photocopy machine or ink jet printer, driven by a computer that can change the image instantly from one copy to the next. (2) Publishing via output on fax, computer bulletin board or other electronic medium, as compared to output on paper


To press an image into paper so it lies above the surface. Also called cameo and tool


The molding and reshaping of paper by the use of special metal dies and heat, counter dies and pressure, to produce a raised image on the paper surface.


Casting of light-sensitive chemicals on papers, films, printing plates and stencils

Emulsion Down/Emulsion Up

Film whose emulsion side faces down (away from the viewer) or up (toward the viewer) when ready to make a plate or stencil. Abbreviated ED, EU. Also called E up/down and face down/face up


Another term for gloss coated paper.

Encapsulated PostScript file

Computer file containing both images and PostScript commands. Abbreviated EPS file

End Sheet

Sheet that attaches the inside pages of a case bound book to its cover. Also called pastedown or end papers

English Finish

Smooth finish on uncoated book paper; smoother than eggshell, rougher than smooth


Printing method using a plate, also called a die, with an image cut into its surface


Abbreviation for envelope


Encapsulated Post Script. A standard file format used to transfer postscript formatting information between applications.

Equivalent Paper

Paper that is not the brand specified, but looks, prints and may cost the same. . Also called comparable stock


Price that states what a job will probably cost. Also called bid, quotation and tender


The individual performing or creating the “estimate.” Etch To use chemicals to carve an image into metal, glass or film