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Printing Glossary – Terms starting with L

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Laid finish

A parallel lined paper that has a handmade look.


A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually accents existing color, providing a glossy (or lens) effect


Applying thin transparent plastic sheets to both sides of a sheet of paper, providing scuff resistance, waterproofing and extended use.


A document layout where the width is greater than the height. (the opposite of Portrait)

Laser Bond

Bond paper made especially smooth and dry to run well through laser printers

Laser-imprintable Ink

Ink that will not fade or blister as the paper on which it is printed is used in a laser printer

Lay Flat Bind

Method of perfect binding that allows a publication to lie fully open. (Also known as Lay Flat Perfect Binding.) Lay Edge The edge of a sheet of paper feeding into a press


A rendition that shows the placement of all the elements, images, thumbnails etc., of a final printed piece.


Space between lines of type. The distance in points between one baseline and the next.


One sheet of paper in a publication. Each side of a leaf is one page

Ledger Paper

Strong, smooth bond paper used for keeping business records. Also called record paper


Directions about a specific matter (illustrations) and how to use. In regard to maps and tables, an explanation of signs (symbols) used

Letter fold

Two folds creating three panels that allow a sheet of letterhead to fit a business envelope. Also called barrel fold and wrap around fold

Letter Paper

In North America, 8 1/2′ x 11′ sheets. In Europe, A4 sheets


Printing that utilizes inked raised surfaces, usually type, to create the image.


The addition of space between typeset letters.

Lightweight Paper

Book paper with basis weight less than 40# (60 gsm)


Substance in trees that holds cellulose fibers together. Free sheet has most lignin removed; groundwood paper contains lignin

Line copy

Any copy that can be reproduced without the use of a halftone screen.

Line Negative

Negative made from line copy


A paper that emulates the look and texture of linen cloth.

Linen Finish

Embossed finish on text paper that simulates the pattern of linen cloth


The process of printing that utilizes flat or curved inked surfaces to create the printed images.

Live Area

Area on a mechanical within which images will print. Also called safe area

Logo (Logotype)

A company, partnership or corporate creation (design) that denotes a unique entity. A possible combination of letters and art work to create a “sole” entity symbol of that specific unit


A personalized type or design symbol for a company or product.

Loose Proof

Proof of a halftone or color separation that is not assembled with other elements from a page, as compared to composite proof. Also called first proof, random proof, scatter proof and show-color proof


Binding method allowing insertion and removal of pages in a publication (e.g., trim-4-drill-3)


A small magnifier used to observe the details on a printed sheet.

Low Key Photo

Photo whose most important details appear in the shadows