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Printing Glossary – Terms starting with R

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Rag paper

Papers with a complete or partial content of cotton fibers.

Ragged left

The term given to right-justified type that is uneven on the left.

Ragged right

The term given to left-justified type that is uneven on the right.

Raster Image Processor

Device that translates page description commands into bitmapped information for an output device such as a laser printer or imagesetter

Reader Spread

Mechanicals made in two page spreads as readers would see the pages, as compared to printer spread


500 sheets of paper.

Recycled Paper

New paper made entirely or in part from old paper

Reflective Copy

Products, such as fabrics, illustrations and photographic prints, viewed by light reflected from them, as compared to transparent copy. Also called reflex copy


The arrangement of two or more printed images in exact alignment with each other.

Register marks

Any crossmarks or other symbols used on a press sheet to assure proper registration.

Relief Printing

Printing method whose image carriers are surfaces with two levels having inked areas higher than noninked areas. Relief printing includes block printing, flexography and letter press


Ability of a device, such as an imagesetter, to produce film or plates that yield images in register


General term for xerography, diazo and other methods of copying used by designers, engineers, architects or for general office use


Sharpness of an image on film, paper, computer screen, disc, tape or other medium

Resolution Target

An image, such as the GATF Star Target, that permits evaluation of resolution on film, proofs or plates


Type, graphic or illustration reproduced by printing ink around its outline, thus allowing the underlying color or paper to show through and form the image. The image ‘reverses out’ of the ink color. Also called knockout and liftout


The color space of Red, Green and Blue. These are the primary colors of light, which computers use to display images on your screen. An RGB computer file must be translated into the CMYK (the primary colors of pigment) color space in order to be printed on a printing press.

Rich black

Using multiple ink colors in addition to black to produce a deep, dark black color. Common CMYK values used are 30% Cyan, 20% Magenta, 20% Yellow and 100% Black.

Right angle fold

A term that denotes folds that are 90 degrees to each other.

Right Reading

Copy that reads correctly in the language in which it is written. Also describes a photo whose orientation looks like the original scene, as compared to a flopped image

Rotary Press

Printing press which passes the substrate between two rotating cylinders when making an impression

Round Back Bind

To casebind with a rounded (convex) spine, as compared to flat back bind

Ruby Window

Mask on a mechanical, made with rubylith, that creates a window on film shot from the mechanical


Line used as a graphic element to separate or organize copy


Map or drawing given by a printer to a stripper showing how a printing job must be imposed using a specific press and sheet size. Also called press layout, printer’s layout and ruleout

Running head

A title at the top of a page that appears on all pages of a book or chapter of a book.