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Printing Glossary – Terms starting with W

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Warm color

A color with a reddish tone rather than a blue tone. Browns, oranges, reds, and yellows are generally considered to be “warm” colors.

Wash Up

To clean ink and fountain solutions from rollers, fountains, screens, and other press components


The procedure of cleaning a particular ink from the unit of a printing press.


Unusable paper or paper damage during normal makeready, printing or binding operations, as compared to spoilage


A translucent mark or image that is embossed during the papermaking process, or printed onto paper, which is visible when the paper is held up to the light.

Web Break

Split of the paper as it travels through a web press, causing operators to rethread the press

Web Gain

Unacceptable stretching of paper as it passes through the press

Web press

A printing press that prints on rolls of paper passed through the press in one continuous piece, as opposed to individual sheets of paper.

Wet Trap

To print ink or varnish over wet ink, as compared to dry trap


A single word or two left at the end of a paragraph, or a part of a sentence ending a paragraph, which loops over to the next page and stands alone. Also, the last sentence of a paragraph, which contains only one or two short words.


(1) In a printed product, a die-cut hole revealing an image on the sheet behind it. (2) On a mechanical, an area that has been marked for placement of a piece of artwork

Wire Side

Side of the paper that rests against The Fourdrinier wire during papermaking, as compared to felt side

With the Grain

Parallel to the grain direction of the paper being used, as compared to against the grain. See also Grain Direction

Woodfree Paper

Made with chemical pulp only. Paper usually classified as calendered or supercalendered

Work and Turn

A printing production format that has the front and back of a printed piece on one side of the paper, that is then printed the same on the back side, producing two copies of the piece.

Working Film

Intermediate film that will be copied to make final film after all corrections are made. Also called buildups


A smooth paper with a gentle patterned finish.

Writing paper

Another name for bond paper.

Wrong Reading

An image that is backwards when compared to the original. Also called flopped and reverse reading