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Printing Glossary – Terms starting with K

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The narrowing of space between two letters so that they become closer and take up less space on the page.


(1) The screw that controls ink flow from the ink fountain of a printing press. (2) To relate loose pieces of copy to their positions on a layout or mechanical using a system of numbers or letters. (3) Alternate term for the color black, as in ‘key plate.’ Keylines Lines on a mechanical or negative showing the exact size, shape and location of photographs or other graphic elements. Also called holding lines

Key Negative or Plate

Negative or plate that prints the most detail, thus whose image guides the register of images from other plates. Also called key printer


Lines that are drawn on artwork that indicate the exact placement, shape and size of elements including halftones, illustrations, etc.

Kiss Die Cut

To die cut the top layer, but not the backing layer, of self-adhesive paper. Also called face cut

Kiss Impression

Lightest possible impression that will transfer ink to a Substrate


A coarse unbleached paper used for printing and industrial products.

Kraft Paper

Strong paper used for wrapping and to make grocery bags and large envelopes